Frank Jermusek Bio


frank jermusek pic

Minnesota native, Frank Jermusek, grew up in Brooklyn Park, where he attended Park Center Senior High School.  From a young age, Frank learned the importance of communication and teamwork as he was part of various sports team, including baseball, basketball, and football. Through collaboration with his teammates, Frank knew anything could be achieved with a motivated mindset.

Frank Jermusek continued his passion for collaboration and communication as he finished high school with the intention of obtaining a higher degree in business.  After graduating with an excellent reputation and high marks, Frank was accepted into the Minnesota School of Business, where he continued to excel.  After a year at MSB, Frank decided to transfer to the University of St. Thomas to pursue their well-renowned business program with a specialization in Business Accounting and Tax.

After receiving his Bachelor’s degree in Business as an Accounting Major from the University of St. Thomas, Frank Jermusek was accepted into the William Mitchell College of Law.  Having a natural talent for law with his strong communication and writing skills, Frank was hired directly out of school at Leonard, Street and Deinard, a notable law firm in Minneapolis.  There, Frank honed in on real estate, corporate law, and banking.  Talented and passionate about all three subjects, Frank Jermusek acquired Northco Real Estate Services, a full service commercial real estate firm built in 1975, where he currently serves as President.

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