Tips for Purchasing Your Own Stake in the Commercial Real Estate Industry

While most people know and widely understand the residential real estate investment approach, the commercial end of the industry sometimes gets overlooked due to the nuanced nature and opportunity of the sector. Having said that, the diverse opportunities within the commercial division should drive investors toward it. You have options, and before you dive into a residential rental property, you may want to consider different, often times larger fish with a bigger profit opportunity. Sound interesting, but don’t know where to get started? You aren’t alone, so I decided to put together a few tips for dipping your feet in the commercial real estate pool.

Ask Questions

Like the age-old saying, there’s no such thing as a stupid question so don’t be afraid to ask them. The more you know, the more likely you are to make a sound investment. If you find yourself asking what questions you should be asking, Kyle Pennell compiled a few questions to get you started like what kind of property and do you have a location in mind? You can find the full list here.

Find Professionals

This is where commercial real estate professionals like myself and the staff at SVN Northco come in. Because the industry is so varied, you want to find a realtor or advisor that has experience with your type of property. One usually doesn’t assume that because someone can sell a house Minneapolis, they can sell a house in New York City or Dubai. They need to have an understanding of the industry, property type and location. Large real estate firms have diversified portfolios that often span the globe, and as a result, they have more experience with major transactions like selling a resort or even a private island.

As described by Inc., you don’t have to know everything. That’s why you seek help from others who make it their mission to know the ins and outs of the commercial real estate sector. “They can help you determine the right time to buy or sell, the right locations to consider, and the nuts and bolts of closing the deal.” Don’t be afraid to seek counsel from a lawyer, broker, accountant or all three.

Do Your Due Diligence

After you asked the questions and determined the property with help from your team of professionals, you now need to check the bones of the deal. Even if a property seems picture perfect, you want to ensure that it is a sound investment. If there are problems – you want to find them now rather than six months down the line when you already bought into the venture.

Once it passes inspections and your own personal expectations – it’s time to take the plunge.


Hidden In Plain Sight: Understanding Off-Market Real Estate Deals

Are you new to real estate investing? Maybe just the real estate market in general? When searching for a property, you may hear about people buying real estate you didn’t even know was on the market. As described in this article, “Off-market real estate deals were once the preserve of ultra-high-end properties. But whisper listings—or pocket listings as they are also known—have spread to a range of price points as more buyers and sellers realize the advantages of keeping things hush-hush.” With an evolving market, this has become a more common approach.

Typically when selling a piece of real estate, the owner uses an agent to promote and ultimately sell it. The agent then advertises the property through a Multiple Listing Service database more commonly known as MLS and handles coordinating open houses and walkthroughs from there. Now, especially in areas or with properties in high-demand, pocket-listings have become a more discrete approach to getting your property sold.

Of course, there are a few factors when veering away from listing your property with an agent for this more atypical approach. Sellers usually aren’t as eager to get out of their property. They accept that less exposure potentially extends their selling timelines. Rather, they wait for the right buyer at the right time with the right price all of which off-market deals can offer. The obvious enticing factor is also the discretion associated with off-market details. Instead of giving the general public an all-access look inside your home, brokers work directly with buyers who actually want something like your home and aren’t just open-house hopping to find interior design inspiration or see how their neighbors decorate.  

For buyers, off-market deals tend to pay off as well. They usually don’t compete with other bids since these listings are less widely known about. The price is also usually more reasonable since the seller’s commission is typically lower. Buyers looking to flip a property often find deals in this section of the market, but it takes experience and the right amount of background real estate knowledge. To reap the benefits as an off-market buyer, you also need to do your homework. These properties aren’t out for the world to see, so you or your agent need to ensure that agents with off-market properties know that you want in the ring.

This variety of listings isn’t limited to million dollar deals or celebrity sellers either. While some high-end properties take this approach for more discretion, others choose the pocket listing option because they were approached directly by a broker with a buyer in mind. It’s particularly common in an empty market where people aren’t particularly eager to sell like the Bay area where inventory is low, but the demand remains high.

When deciding whether off-market transactions are the option for you, consider these questions. Do you have a particular property in mind that isn’t on the market, but is the only option for you? If yes, then finding an agent to set up an off-market buy may be your best option. Are you looking for a unique or high-end home in an empty market? Again, pocket deals could be your best alternative. No matter the case, a skilled real estate agent can help you find the property for you whether it’s in the MLS Database or not.

5 Tips for Becoming a Successful Real Estate Agent

Frank Jermusek real estate agentWhether you’re just getting started or you consider yourself a senior real estate agent, there are always ways to improve your success with property sales and listings. Becoming a successful real estate agent doesn’t happen overnight – it takes practice and a ton of commitment. Here are fives ways you can improve your success rates as a real estate agent:

Be driven.

    • As a real estate agent, you should always be driven and determined to sell a property – regardless if it’s residential or commercial.
    • A great way to do this is to make a list of your personal goals for whichever project you’re working on.
    • Then, meticulously write out each step that will help you reach your goals – and get to it!

Be resilient.

    • There’s no doubt that as a real estate agent you’ll have both good and bad days, but it’s important to keep moving forward and not let yourself get down.
    • Be committed – don’t give up on a project or listing just because something gets in the way.
    • Remember, life will always throw curve balls – what matters most is how you handle them.

Learn from your mistakes.

    • There will be times where you make a mistake with a client or listing, but don’t let it affect you too much (we all make mistakes, in every profession).
    • Learn how to adapt and grow from the mistakes you make so that you can push yourself to be a stronger, more successful agent.
    • Mistakes aren’t fatal – they’re usually fixable, but you should know when it’s appropriate to just walk away.

Believe in yourself and the people around you.

    • Have faith that you will succeed in this business, and that the people in your agency will too.
    • Always be there to lend a helping hand, because chances are you will need one from your peers at some point.

Maintain a positive attitude and likable personality.

    • Successful real estate agents are always likable – be a people person. Nobody wants to do business with someone who comes off cold.
    • Maintaining a positive attitude will help fellow agents as well as yourself feel more determined and will bring more value to your work.

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Latest Listings | Frank Jermusek

Trails End Resort

Frank Jermusek


14,500 SF
33.69 acres



  • Very popular full service, four season resort
  • 6.3 Miles from Canadian Boarder
  • 33.69 total acres
  • 803 feet of total lake shore
  • NOI – $188,447
  • 9 cabins, 8 camping sites, 2 lodge rooms and 1 unfinished cabin
  • Additional Development Land & Home Available


Cornucopia Lodge

Frank Jermusek

7,000 SF
56.0 acres



  • Great Wilderness Location with activies such as horseback riding, skiing, backpacking, restaurant
  • Near Eagle Cap Wilderness (Oregon’s largest designated wilderness area)
  • Near Hells Canyon National Recreation Area – deepest river gorge in North America
  • New Construction in 2008 and well maintained
  • Current at 30% Occ- $58,700 NOI
  • Excellent Upside at 50% Occ – $91,040 NOI
  • Presented in Collaboration with: Hell’s Canyon Realty Inc | Steve Brooks | 866.893.6133


Developmental Land – Family

Frank Jermusek listings


1.73 acres




  • Property Size: 1.73 Acres
  • Zoning: Residential / Multi-Family
  • Utilities: Full
  • Best Use: Multi-Family
  • 20-41 High Density
  • 12-24 Units Per Acre
  • Development Requires City Approval


* Please note: all of the information above is provided by Sperry Van Ness, check out their website with more of Frank Jermusek’s listings here!

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Investing in Golf Course Real Estate: An Increasing Trend

Since 2014, investing in golf course real estate has become an increasing trend. Though the Great Recession marked a low point for the golf course real estate market, investors have been showing an increasing interest for golf course investments across the entire country.

Frank Jermusek 6a0120a5464113970c01b7c740d166970b

According to an article published by, “International money is a big part of it, with Chinese investors showing a special interest in California, Hawaii and the Washington, D.C., area,” (Course Correction). Many traditional real-estate investors, both across seas and nationally, have taken an interest in golf courses because of the potential large profits they can make. The article goes on to say, “Companies with ties to New York’s Fortress Investment Group, for example, recently bought about 100 courses from American Golf and another 48 from CNL Lifestyle Properties,” (Course Correction). When people invest in golf courses, they know there is a chance they can make around a 20-30% profit, or at least a profit in general.

The value of a golf course is another vital component in relation to investors gaining a strong interest in golf course investments. Most of the time, buyers will decide whether or not to make an official investment once they have figured out how much of a profit they will make each year. According to, “A typical buyer these days expects to earn about 10 to 11 percent a year on the investment, brokers and course appraisers say. To arrive at a good price, buyers divide a course’s annual profit by this expected return,” (Course Correction).

Frank Jermusek 1718_420

For more information about recent trends in golf course investing, please read’s article here.

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Giants Ridge Lots for Sale

Giants Ridge – Voyageurs Retreat – Lots For Sale

For Sale

Giants Ridge – Voyageurs Retreat
Lots for Sale

frank jermusek giants ridge lots

Giants Ridge – Biwabik, MN

Lots From: $25k – $75K

“6-Pack” Combine Lots Sale 

  • Buy 5 Lots Get 1 Free
  • Seller Financing Available
  • Construction Financing Available
  • Flexible Lot Combination Options
Individual Lots Sale 

  • Lake Front Lots – $75K Per Lot
  • Off Lake Lots – $25K Per Lot
  • Construction/Mortgage Loans Available
  • Ability to Combine Lots

Lot Specs:

  • 178 Total Acres19 Lake Front Lots ($75k)Voyageurs Map96 Off Lake Lots ($25k)
  • In Place InfrastructurePaved Roads w/CurbsUtilities to Lots
  • Large 1-4 Acre ParcelsCan be Combined
  • Walking/Cart Distance to Giants Ridge Resort Area
  • Prime Growth AreaPolymet Operations Begin in 2016 (estimated)600+ New Jobs to Area

Special Offers:

  • Specials on Giants Ridge Golf & Skiavailable to all buyers
  • 10% Buying Broker CommissionGiants Ridge Skiavailable on lots closed by 3/31/15
  • Seller Financing Available
  • Construction/Mortgage Loans Available

Points Of Interest:

***Please note all information here is provided by Sperry Van Ness***

See more at


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Golf Course in Collier County

What may upset frank jermusek collier countythose who enjoy a well kept secret may provide others with the romantic housing they’re after as a golf course in Collier County was chosen as a prime area for developing real estate. Traditionally, golf courses are constructed in neighborhoods with vast land areas interwoven through a community of h
ouses, but now a project calls for the raising of houses in a secluded, uninhabited area in Florida conveniently located near the Golf Club of the Everglades. Pulte Real Estate found an untouched area in between two unpopulated golf courses and claimed it as their next spot for building. Their project called Greyhawk will feature 548 single­family homes across the 500­acre plot.

Michael Agins, the sales manager leading the project, notes the new idea of “homes built around golf,” hoping that the houses will not disturb the tranquility of the area. The heads at Pulte are in agreement that the endeavor will neither sacrifice nor challenge the respite­like appeal of the area that attracted them to the land in the first place. The homes will be built into the greenery to blend in with the scenery and contribute to the rural, undisturbed quality of the area. The hard­to­find allure of the golf courses will be mimicked by Pulte’s strategy. If they commercialize and advertize the area too strongly, the appeal of exclusivity will be lost among the buzzing of construction.

While it is agreed that developing real estate is unavoidable, the approach taken by Pulte is commendable and offends few who hold dearly to the golf course and view it as a small community’s hideaway. Fortunately for the few who frequent the course, it will still see the range of flora and fauna that thrive nearby and color the course with diversity that tends to remain unseen in more suburban communities. Many members of the club are happy Pulte’s project will preserve the natural feel of the greenery leaving creatures like snakes and bobcats on the prowl.

For golf players, the club will limit capacity at 300. It currently holds 190 members, and the number of new homeowners will unlikely push that limit.

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